"What kind of sorcery is this? I get more creative writing done in one session of Write-in Paris than in a week at my own desk. Needless to say, I'll be back."

Gaëlle Faure

The quiet atmosphere of WIP (with the steam of essential oils, and the pots of hot tea, and the presence of six other people writing) creates a vortex of concentration where work just gets done. It's also a place to meet other writers who share similar struggles grappling with text and idea and output. 

Jennifer Huxta

“Tonight's Write-in Paris session with Sion was so good. Can't remember the last time I worked on anything uninterrupted for 2 hours!"

Anne Ditmeyer


“The atmosphere is so conducive to creativity and getting stuff down on paper. If sitting in a room filled with other writers and writing without the distraction of: your children, your significant other, wireless Internet, neighbors, television or your laundry sounds fantastic, sign up. I might actually hit my monthly goal for once at this rate.”

Emily Monaco

"I'm very grateful to Sion for opening up her space and providing me with a place to write where my creative energies suddenly overflow! Lovely group, calm and relaxed atmosphere; it's a privilege to be a part of WIP."

– Audrey


"No matter how busy my life gets, I know that each week I will dedicate two hours and fifteen minutes to writing at Sion's place for Write-In Paris. I go to her apartment and sit with five or six other very dedicated writers and just work. It's a safe zone. I've gotten such a feeling of accomplishment from my time at WIP. Thrilling."

Grace Teshima